Principal’s Message

Real education aims at holistic development of a child which includes intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development of a child’s personality.

In school scenario, everyone associated with it – students, teachers, and parents learn at every step as it is a continuous process. Understanding this objectively is like learning in a family. However, continuous connectivity between school and parents is an essential component of this process.

Taking a regular feedback from the child about the school, taking evening meal together by the family, developing reading skills in English as well as Hindi and practicing Math problems at home front will definitely yield much brighter results for every child as Languages will enrich the child’s expression through communication skills and, Mathematics will enhance his logical as well as problem-solving skills. Both, put together, will help him in decision making because right decision at the right time in life makes all the difference.

All in all, spending quality time with the child at home by the parents is the core of a child’s holistic development. So altogether, let’s create a healthy and effective learning environment at home as well as school.

Happy Learning! Happy Schooling!

Om S Shukla