Why Vedansh ?

Vedansh inherits incisive methods which accomodates all FOUR sorts of learners; AUDITORY, KINESTHETIC, VISUAL and READING/WRITING. A team that possesses extraordinary dedication and zeal to indoctrinate the thoughts for the betterment of the students.

The Five Is explain the teaching procedure of Vedansh.


Vedansh encourages the students to dream high so that they can be the master of their destiny. We not only believe but also strive to fulfil the dreams of every student, every parent and every heart & soul.


The two way interactive method enables the teachers to work as facilitators, go upto the level of students and encourage them to explore the answers of questions being asked. It increases their involvement, creates by heart participation and ensures retention.


Team spirit is developed class one onwards among the students by making them work in pair and group where they enthusiastically learn to help their fellows. This prepares them for future and when they are at the high time of their career, enhances their efficiency of working in team.


Unbiased method of conducting every competition at Intra level ensures 100% participation without any favouritism. It also provides every student equal & ample opportunity to exhibit their talent, potential and notability.


Intent with amplest experience develops their mindset for everything. They learn to master their own perspective than to follow others’. Moreover Vedansh focuses on the children who score well along with the students who perform little less.

The unmatched facilities which include curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities can be painful to the parent’s pocket at other places but are much affordable at Vedansh. The inception is turned into reality with interaction and integrity to illustrate right interpretation of their goals. So, undoubtedly Vedansh is best place for your children.